Alexander Warnow, LMFT


Hi, I’m Alexander Warnow and I’m a Licensed MFT (Marriage & Family Therapist) practicing Psychotherapy and Counseling in Alameda, CA. I work primarily with adults, teens, and couples. I help them to live more fulfilling, connected lives. Often what brings someone to seek therapy is a chronic issue that has reached a crisis point: anger, depression, anxiety, self-worth, intimacy problems, communication issues and many more. Sometimes it is a recent change in one’s life: infidelity, a move, or the end of a relationship. Taking the risk to ask for help is often the first step on the road towards healing and growth.

I’m not a traditional therapist. Sure, you’ll hear “how does that make you feel?” sometimes. And I want to know about your past. But I try to focus on giving you practical tools you can use today. I believe in the healing power of creativity, mindfulness, embodiment, laughter and connection.

Finding a therapist you are comfortable with is important. I offer a free 30-minute in person or phone consultation to help you in this process. During this meeting or call we will explore what it would mean to work together, if it would be a good fit, pricing, and any other questions you might have. Contact me today – email, phone, or text – to set up a time to talk .

I draw from many different orientations including Psychodynamic, Client-Centered, Expressive Arts, Narrative, Solution-Focused, EFT (for Couples), and Hakomi. I choose from these orientations based on the needs of each individual client.

I received my Master’s Degree in Counseling Psychology with a focus in the Expressive Arts from the California Institute of Integral Studies in 2010. In the past, I have worked with adults and couples at mental health clinics, with at-risk youth at schools, and with families in homeless shelters.

I am a member of the California Association of Marriage & Family Therapists and I am listed and verified by Psychology Today.

-Alexander Warnow, Licensed MFT # 92437