Couples Counseling

Swan_Couple_BW_Larger_SquareBeing with a partner can be wonderful but it can also be very challenging. When things aren’t working it’s important to address the problem head-on. We work with couples to help them identify and shift the negative patterns at play in their relationship. Often we teach partners how to really tune in to what’s happening for the other person, share vulnerably what’s happening for themselves, and work towards helping each person express care in a way their partner can hear. When appropriate, we also help couples work through problems in their sex lives. Overall, we aim to bring love, acceptance, emotional engagement and good communication into the relationshipContact us today to set up a first appointment.

Weekend Intensives: Normally we are in the office Monday-Friday. But if you and your partner can’t make it regularly during the week we offer weekend intensives for couples where we meet for 3 or more hours in a row. This intense immersion has the potential to shift the negative cycle dramatically.