Men struggle with many issues but often we keep it all inside. We are told to “man up” or “be a man” – which usually means denying that we have feelings, needs and a desire for connection. So men’s problems often manifest as numbness, depression or anger. These tend to mask deeper hurts and sadness.

Some of the issues that we can help men with are:

  • Life Transitions: The end of a relationship. The death of a loved one. Changes in location or employment. All of these can be difficult times in a man’s life. Having someone who can help you process the feelings and start making plans for the future can be valuable.
  • Depression: This can be a dark and lonely experience. We find it’s important to take practical steps to attempt to give clients relief, as well as explore the root causes of the depression. Seeing a therapist and looking for help is an important first step towards healing.
  • Anger: Anger has a proper place in our emotional life. But when that anger hurts the people around us, it is important to look deeper. Often anger masks other more vulnerable emotions such as fear, sadness, and shame. Uncovering and understanding those is rewarding in the long run.
  • Sexual Problems: Many men suffer at some point in their lives from sexual problems – low libido, erectile dysfunction, and more. Sometimes these things have medical causes, and sometimes they have psychological roots. If the latter, we can explore the best ways to help you have a satisfying sex life.
  • Self-Esteem: Low self-esteem can be debilitating and can show up in all areas of your life. We can work together to help your accept and value who you are.
  • Anxiety: We like to offer practical tools to help people lower their anxiety, while working to understand where the anxiety comes from and what to do about it.
  • Intimacy: What does it mean to be close to another human? What stops you from having the relationships you want? Together, we can help you start to change long-held patterns.
  • Creative Blocks: We believe each of us has a deep well of creativity and with practice we can figure out how you can access it.
  • Life Goals: Perhaps you’re having a hard time getting what you want. We can work together to help you clarify your goals and how to achieve them.

These issues are often intertwined in ways that feel intractable. But starting to work through them is important and rewarding.

Men in this culture stand at a crossroads. Our old modes of manliness – dominating, aggressive, unfeeling – are not working and outdated. The new ones – respectful, resilient, and loving – will be built by us. Join me in this process and bring out the best in yourself – for the benefit of everyone in your life, and all those to come after you.

For many men, asking for help can be incredibly hard, but it’s often the first step toward a more fulfilling life.