Teenage_Icon_BWOur work with adolescents and their families is especially rewarding. Being a teenager can be an incredibly difficult time. During this time, we search for identity and how to be truly ourselves. And then, of course, there are the physical, hormonal, emotional and psychological changes as well! As adults, it can be easy to forget what a difficult transition this is. We have a variety of ways that we work with teenagers, and it rarely looks like traditional talk therapy – which most teenagers resist anyway.

Some areas that often need help:

  • Anger Issues – Teenagers sometimes carry around anger towards their parents. Working with a therapist can be helpful in improving family relations.
  • Depression – It is common for teenagers to go through periods of sadness and depression. But when it starts to affect them for longer periods of time, working with a therapist can be helpful.
  • Drug Use – Turning to drugs can be an unfortunate coping mechanism.
  • Unsafe Sexual Activity – Teenagers may rush into being sexual.
  • Self-esteem – Teenagers today are bombarded with images and messages that tell them they are not OK. Finding a positive way to  look at oneself can be challenging.
  • Identity Formation – It is natural for a teen to ask who they are – a safe place to explore these questions is important.

We find it valuable to work with families to improve communication and expectations among the whole family. Sometimes sessions with the teen and parent, or the whole family including siblings is indicated. Contact us today to set up your free consultation.